Saniflo 23 Toilet Fixture Macerating; White

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Sanicompact 48 Once Piece Toilet With Macerator Built Into The BaseThe SANICOMPACT is a self-contained toilet that?¢ s ideal for fitting into tight spots where conventional toilets can?¢ t fit. This modern shaped self-contained macerating toilet is very water efficient, using just one gallon of water per flush. It was designed with several purposes in mind such as limited space, green conscious users that want to save water, and for people with physical limitations requiring easy access to a toilet. The SANICOMPACT can be installed in many locations such as a loft/attic, upper floor, ground floor, basement and even a garage. It?¢ s very easy to install in areas such as under the stairway for a half bathroom or an additional half bathroom in a bedroom or garage conversion. It can handle the effluent from a toilet and sink. It needs no toilet tank as the flushing action and macerating pump cycle is automatic after pressing a push bottom (air switch) on top of the bowl. The flushing mechanism is electronically timed to allow approximately 1 gallon of water to pass through the toilet. The discharge elbow on the back of the SANICOMPACT can be rotated 360 degrees to fit any type of installation requirement. A non-return valve, which comes already assembled on the discharge elbow, prevents back flow into the unit. The SANICOMPACT is a forced main and does not need to be vented and connected to a vent stack. Other fixtures may need to be vented as per local plumbing codes. It is also highly recommended for the macerator/pump to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter circuit. Build a half bathroom for residential applicationsVertical pumping up to 9 feet and 100 feet horizontallyAllows the connection of a sinkUses just 1 gallon of water per flushStylish toilet seat with chrome hinges included2 Year Warranty